More promises

2009-10-27 00:09:28 by seewasp

Along side Paper Pilot, i'm working on a flash zombie movie. it won't be out for a while. anyone out there got any ideas for a name? it's a movie about zombies, dumbasses, romance, crappy music, crazy hair, hippies, and the like. Credit to the one who comes up with the best name! (by that i mean you get your name in the credits, not free money.)


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2009-10-27 03:37:57

I'd come up with some stupid name with numbers in it or something without much more information. I was thinking you could name it Zombi65 - A Hip Zombie Hit. That is only if hippies are going to be a major part of it. Of course that is only because the 60's are when hippies became popular (at least according to Wikipedia). Lame name, but I don't even know what genre your flash movie is going to be. Well good luck with it and coming up with a name for it.

Enjoy life.