song loop

2009-11-04 23:43:10 by seewasp

1337 bit shayz

More promises

2009-10-27 00:09:28 by seewasp

Along side Paper Pilot, i'm working on a flash zombie movie. it won't be out for a while. anyone out there got any ideas for a name? it's a movie about zombies, dumbasses, romance, crappy music, crazy hair, hippies, and the like. Credit to the one who comes up with the best name! (by that i mean you get your name in the credits, not free money.)

New Game!!

2009-09-15 21:06:42 by seewasp

I have a new game coming out! Woohoo! it is a flying game, and it is called "Paper Pilot". It will be released mid-2010. Something to look forward to ;)